Our rating system is based on the highest German precision and critical analysis of each item. We use carefully compiled parameters that are understandable for every customer. The main parameters evaluated include FIGURE , CARD , PAINT and BUBBLE , while smaller details such as STICKERS , BOOKLETS and BROCHURES are also taken into account. The rating of each parameter is carefully determined and the average value provides a transparent basis for the overall rating. In this way, we want to ensure that our customers can understand why their item received a certain rating.


To grade your desired item, please use our search function to find it exactly. If your item is not listed, please do not hesitate to send us an email. contact us under info@germantoygrader.com

We will take care of your request immediately.


Our additional SERVICES simply explained:

  1. THICKNESS: The thickness of the acrylic material. As standard we use 3 mm acrylic glass, but we also offer 4 mm acrylic glass on request.

  2. CLEANING SERVICE: Prior to GRADING , we carefully clean your item to ensure optimal grading results.

  3. AUTHENTICATION: An additional DIN 5 authentication , made specifically for your item, to confirm its authenticity.

  4. AUTHENTICATION IN ACRYLIC: A specially made DIN-5 authentication that is integrated into the acrylic case to ensure additional security.

  5. BACKGROUND: Choose a background for your item to adhere to the back panel of the case to create a customized presentation.


We would like to point out again that we cannot provide any guarantee for transport. When sending your shipment to us, we expressly recommend an insured package to ensure reimbursement from the delivery person in the event of loss or damage.

For return shipping, we offer you the choice between an uninsured package and, of course with our clear recommendation, an insured package. Please note that we are not responsible for transport costs or possible customs fees. However, your safety and satisfaction are our top priority, so we strongly recommend choosing insured shipping. Please choose sufficient insurance cover for the outward and return shipment.


Our company relies on high-quality acrylic glass, including from the renowned German company Plexiglas. This decision is based on the first-class quality of their products, which is recognized worldwide and guarantees longevity. With our special acrylic glass, which offers optimal protection against UV radiation, we ensure that your valuable collectibles are not exposed to sun damage. We understand that the sun can cause significant damage to such items, so we effectively use our UV protected acrylic to prevent this risk.


Simply enter the number SWV0000000 on the label and you can find your item with a detailed description and photos on the Internet. If you discover another item we have reviewed online, you can also identify it using our archives. Our archive is freely accessible and does not require registration.

An easy-to-use resource for anyone wanting to track their collectibles.