Standard orders are currently taking longer than the estimated time frame, we are currently at 4 weeks.  

What we will evaluate: Below is a breakdown of what we can grade at GermanToyGrader. If you require further information in this regard, please contact us at 

MOSC (Mint On Sealed Card): Items that are still sealed on their original cards and whose seal has not been tampered with in any way. 

Loose Figures: Figures that are complete with all of their original weapons and accessories. Loose Vehicles/Toys: Vehicles/toys that are complete or unused. MIB: (Mint In Box): Item where the box has been opened/sealed with tape but all contents are unused. MISB: (Mint In Sealed Box): Items that have never been opened and are still sealed.

Loose vehicles or loose spaceships with instructions


What we don't rate:

Loose/incomplete items.

Loose items with reproduced weapons/accessories. Any item that we believe is a reproduction will be returned unassessed at your expense.

In special cases we work with a plastic spectrometer to ensure that it is not a reproduction/counterfeit.

Loose vehicles that are incomplete or contain reproduction parts.

Double taped items where the tape has clearly been placed symmetrically over the original tape to hide opened items/or the tape does not match the original tape used.

Inked-touched items (these are items that have had areas of the card/box retouched with an ink pen to match the card/box.)